MARQ RILEY | Wedding Photographer & Filmmaker in Greece


Photographer, Filmmaker, 


Growing up between frozen lakes and Dutch mountains, my teachers once remarked I had great imagination, but just couldn't keep focussed. I was an only child, the world amazed me, my mind traveled.

Oh hey, how are you?

As a theatre school student I was equally fascinated by the meticulously choreographed productions of Robert Wilson as I was working with community theatre groups in Zimbabwe, ultimately graduating in 1997.

I’ve since immersed myself in music, organising concerts and assisting in festivals and tours, followed by freelance writing, editing and editorial photography for various international publications including Athens Insider, The Observer, Fortune magazine, Foreign Affairs and L'Officiel Hommes.

With the births of my son Noa and daughter Emilie, my priorities became much clearer, and I followed my most consistent passions: photography and film. My father had taught me how to shoot and develop with analog Nikon cameras, but the exciting convergence of stills and motion in digital cameras meant I was finally able to shape stories in sound and vision.

So here I am, a husband and dad living under the Greek sun, part photographer, part filmmaker, and full-time passenger in people's dreams.