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A Fittingly Personal Picture

Here's a picture that I love. It is of my son Noa exploring a lake in the Corinthian mountains of the Peleponese in Greece. It is personal in the obvious sense that it was a family getaway, during three days when I disconnected from all digital devices, email, social media, to be with them, and to see for myself. Yes, i know, I used my iPhone to take this shot, but it was disabled as a phone. 

Anyway, the point i'm trying to make is that it is a picture i made for me, not for instagram or facebook or someone else. My family is my ultimate personal project. It requires no likes or hearts or comments or followers from outside, it is us and we love us.  

Besides, this image doesn't fit the confines of social media. It does not adhere to the 828 x 315 pixels of a facebook cover. It won't convey the feeling of the great outside on a small instagram square. And therein lies the tragedy of modern photography, people are being conditioned to shoot with these social media dimensions in mind, and if it don't fit it won't get shared. 

I see this picture everyday. Did I print it? Not yet. No, I found the best fit for it as my iPhone lock screen image. Sure, it's an oxymoron, but it makes me happy. 

Noa at Lake Doxa, Greece, November 2015

Noa at Lake Doxa, Greece, November 2015