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Lorraine & Ciarán | Irish wedding in Naxos

Lorraine & Ciarán's Irish Wedding in Naxos

If you know me a little, you know that Naxos is my soul home. I have my special spots and since deciding to entice more couples to have their wedding here, I'm always looking out for places to picture them in on their big day. I had met Lorraine over a year before their wedding and told her about an amazing secret retreat in the hills where an old abandoned convent stood.

She fell in love with the idea and so together with Debbie and Flora from Island Weddings Naxos we looked into the real possibility of making it happen there.In the end the state of the narrow, rocky road there was deemed too unstable for a coach full of guests, so they chose one of Naxos' many other stunning settings instead.

But the temptation was still there, and Lorraine and Ciarán asked if we could escape after the ceremony to visit that magical place before the reception. So the four of us got in a car and drove down the small path, and even had a tiny personal elopement within a wedding.

To top it all off we arranged to have a group shot at a windmill above Rotonda, the highest cafe in Naxos on the ridge between the western and eastern side of the island. It doesn't take much to be epic here, but the glamorous couple and their crazy Irish-Australian entourage helped :-)